Dealing With House Issues While Renting

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Just like with any home, rental properties have the potential for something to break, leak, burn out or overflow. Unfortunately, sometimes these issues arise when you are renting a vacation property. Dealing with house issues while renting can be

13. Dealing With House Issues While Renting

a headache on a relaxing vacation, but the best thing to do is just to take a deep breath and deal with the issue immediately so that you can continue to enjoy your vacation.

Most property owners will include procedures for emergencies and maintenance issues in the rental agreement that you are given upon booking. There will most likely also be a copy of the rental agreement, or a sheet listing emergency contact numbers, in the home. If an issue arises, consult the rental agreement to determine who you should call to deal with the issue. Often times, rental property owners will have a maintenance person on staff to deal with any problems while they are not personally at the property. A property management company hired by the property owner might also be available to help you with the issue.

You should also call the property owner immediately if there is an issue to alert them of the problem and seek advice on how to best handle the situation. Calling the property owner is also a good idea to avoid having to pay for any damages to the property that were not your fault, such as a pipe bursting or a tree falling onto the home. These types of incidents should be listed out in the rental agreement as issues that a renter would not have to pay for as part of the security deposit agreement.

While it may not make for an ideal vacation, rental property issues do sometimes occur. Understand that there are certain things that are outside of anyone’s control, and the best thing to do is to handle the incidents calmly and responsibly to protect yourself, and the property owner’s home.

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