Welcome Packages for Renters

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Welcome packages for renters make a great first impression and let them know that you care about their trip and their time in your vacation rental property. A small welcome package can be sent ahead of time to a renter to give them information about the property and their stay. You can go the extra mile and also provide a welcome package at the property for when the renters arrive. A housekeeper should leave this welcome package in a central location, such as the kitchen, after she cleans the home in between rentals.

The initial welcome package sent to renters before they arrive should include a copy of the rental agreement, cleaning and locking up rules, any special instructions for the house, parking information and your phone number. This will give the renter time to familiarize themselves with the property before arriving, and also let’s them know that you care about their safety and comfort.

Another welcome package should be left at the home for the renter’s arrival. You can simply leave the same welcome packet with all of the pertinent information on the kitchen counter so that the renters will have copies readily available, or you can leave a more thoughtful welcome package. Remember that a welcome package at the rental property is one of the first things that renters will see, and will help them enjoy their stay and remember your hospitality.

Many owners will leave special welcome packages in order to impress renters and ensure a positive review. Welcome packages left for renters can include menus from local restaurants, brochures for attractions in the area, coffee or tea samples, a gas gift card or any other small offerings. This welcome package should also include a sheet with important information about the house and emergency maintenance numbers.

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