Pet Policies for Vacation Rentals

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Many vacationers travel with pets, but it’s really up to the rental property owner to decide whether or not to allow four-legged travelers stay in a vacation property with their owners. While allowing pets at your rental property will likely expand your customer base and bring you more business, you will also have to deal with pet policies, additional cleaning and the potential for additional wear and tear to your home and furnishings. The decision on whether or not to allow pets really comes down to personal preference.

Allowing pets at your vacation property could very well increase your bookings, since most vacation rental properties don’t allow pets. Letting cats and dogs stay in your vacation rental puts you in the small percentage of property owners that cater to pet owners, so you’ll likely stand out among the competition. You will also be able to charge an additional fee for pets, so you will be increasing your profits as well. This fee is non-refundable, and can be in any amount you determine fair for the pet owner. You should also charge a higher cleaning fee to travelers with pets, as additional cleaning to remove pet hair will most likely be necessary.

Before making the decision to allow pets, you should also research the negative aspects of having pets at rental properties. The biggest fear among property owners is that the cat or dog will do damage to the home. The non-refundable pet deposit fee should cover any necessary costs if damage is done, but you can also set limits on the age of a pet allowed or the size to minimize the chance of damages. You also may be causing an issue for any travelers with pet allergies, who would like shy away from booking your vacation rental if any pets have stayed there in the past.

There are definitely pros and cons for allowing pets to stay in your vacation rental, all of which should be considered before making a final decision. If you decide to allow pets, be sure to institute strict pet policies and pet deposit rates to ensure that your home will be well taken care of, and protected against any damages.

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