How To Manage Rental Inquiries

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As a vacation rental property owner, part of your responsibilities will be handling rental inquiries from a variety of different potential renters. It’s important that you handle these inquiries in a timely and professional manner in order to convert rental inquiries into bookings. You can help keep your calendar booked and your renters happy by responding to all rental inquiries.

If you have an already busy schedule and know that it will be hard for you to quickly respond to all rental inquiries, you can set up an auto-responder to give potential renters initial information as soon as they contact you. Include any links to the advertisement, your contact information and a brief note letting them know you will contact them as soon as possible. If you are able to contact renters shortly after they submit inquiries personally, choose this option. Return calls and emails quickly to ensure that the renter doesn’t move on to other properties while awaiting your response.

Tailor your response to the questions that the renter asks in the inquiry. Some renters simply want to know the exact cost to them, and if the rental property is available for their dates. Others will have more detailed questions about the property, amenities or located and want you to divulge more information than what is listed in the description. Both conversation are best to have over the phone, if possible, to establish a relationship with the renter and answer all of their questions.

If you are already booked for the dates in the renter’s inquiry, it’s still a good idea to respond to the renter. Let them know that you are booked for their exact dates, and suggest any additional dates that you have open near their desired dates in case they can be flexible with their vacation. Also let them know that you will keep their email address on file for any future promotions you may have for your exclusive mailing list.

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