How to Keep Your Rental Booked During Non-Peak Weeks

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A common problem for vacation rental owners is having their vacation rental property fully booked during peak travel weeks, and next to no bookings during non-peak weeks. There are a few tactics that you can try in order to keep your rental booked during non-peak weeks. Keeping your rental booked year-round is especially important if you rely on the income from rentals to pay for the property mortgage, utilities, or maintenance staff.

One proven way to get more bookings during off-peak weeks is to offer lowered rates during slow months. While this may seem like something that you don’t want to do, you have to consider that a lowered rate is better than no payment at all. Run a special, and advertise your lowered rates in your listing’s headline or description. Also make sure that your listing does a great job of advertising the value of your rental property and all of its features and amenities. Emphasize the space, privacy, atmosphere, parking, or any other features that set your property apart from others, and apart from local hotels.

You should also take time to review your marketing and advertising strategies to make sure that they are working for you. Maximize your online exposure by advertising on multiple vacation rental listing sites. Many travelers will consult multiple listing sites before making a final decision, so having your property listed on a few sites will draw more traffic to your listings.

Take the time to respond quickly and politely to all rental inquiries, especially during non-peak weeks. While the renter’s first impression of you will come from the listing itself, renters also like to be treated like valued guest by the property owners. Return calls and emails promptly to build a relationship with the potential renter and increase your chances that they will book with you. Also email past guests to let them know of any specials that you will be offering during non-peak weeks to encourage them to vacation at your rental property again.

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