How to Decorate Your Rental Property

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Decorating your rental property is one of the most important parts of owning a rental home that you are going to rent out to guests. The furnishings and décor set the tone for the entire property, and can either make a home more welcoming and comfortable, or greatly depreciate the vacation home’s value. You should spend ample time picking out furnishings and décor that compliment your vacation rental property and suit the needs of yourself and the renters.

One common mistake that rental property owners make is to buy furnishings and décor that clash with the type of home and location of the property. For example, if you own a cabin in the Adirondacks, your furnishings and décor should be rustic, cozy, wooden and contain a neutral or rich color palette. A home like this shouldn’t possess light and airy furnishings with pastel décor, as this would clash with the atmosphere of the home itself.

You also want to make sure that furnishings match the description of your home. If you advertise a luxury vacation rental, be sure that you have luxurious furnishings like leather couches, upgraded stainless steel appliances, elegant bedroom sets, and flat screen TVs. Likewise, lake houses could have nautical themed décor, lighter furniture and a more relaxed feel in terms of furnishings and layout.

It’s also important to make sure that the space you set up for renters is comfortable and suitable for the number of people that the vacation rental home sleeps. Always make sure you have enough beds and alternative sleeping areas like large couches, futons, or sofa beds. Also be sure that there is ample room to sit in places like the dining room, kitchen and living room areas. Guests should be able to spread out and have enough personal space to relax on their vacation. This is something that many renters look at when assessing photos of the furniture in a rental home. Try to keep your furnishings and décor as updated as possible so that your home doesn’t look dated, and avoid having clutter in any of the property’s rooms.

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