Advertising Your Vacation Rental

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You could have the greatest vacation rental property in the country, but if travelers can’t find your vacation home, it’s not likely that you’ll get much business. Advertising your vacation rental is an important part of running a successful vocational rental business. Be sure that your property is listed on multiple sites, contains updated information and rates, has accurate and appealing photos, and contains a well-written and exciting description.

Your vacation rental listing serves as a first impression for potential renters. Based off of your advertising materials, a renter will either decide to contact you about the rental, or pass on the rental completely. Since you don’t often have a second chance to get renters interested in your property, the first shot has to show all of the reasons why a renter should stay at your vacation rental property. Start with a catchy headline that tells something about the property and the location. Carry this excitement through your description, explaining all of the features and amenities in the home. The words in your advertisements should really sell the property for you.

Next, present accurate photos taken in natural light with a good quality camera. Photos that are grainy, outdated, or taken of only one part of the house will often result in a renter skipping over your property. Potential renters want to see exactly what the house is like, since they will be booking without seeing the property in person. Include photos of each bedroom, the kitchen, the outside of the home, a bathroom, living area and any other notable features of the home.

Also keep an accurate and up-to-date calendar to make it easy for renters to see when the home is and is not available. Put as much information into your listings as you can fit, even if you think that the information is a given. List out breakdowns of rates for nightly, weekly and monthly prices if applicable, and avoid asking potential renters to call for rates, as this just creates an extra step for the renter.

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