Upstate New York Romantic Getaways

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The tranquility and beauty of upstate New York makes it an ideal location for a romantic getaway. Practically any time of year will provide the perfect setting for a couple’s trip, with each of New York’s seasons providing a picturesque landscape and plenty of activities. The most popular vacation spots in upstate New York are the Finger Lakes region, the Adirondacks and the Catskills.

10. Upstate New York Romantic Getaways

When people think of the Adirondacks, the most common place that comes to mind is Lake Placid. This is because Lake Placid has quickly become one of the most visited spots in the beautiful upstate New York mountain range. Lake Placid is a great romantic getaway destination during any season. In spring and summer, activities like hiking, kayaking, golfing or exploring Main Street are perfect couple’s activities. Come the colder months, Lake Placid offers world-class skiing and snowboarding, as well as luxury spas and other fun activities around town. For an intimate vacation that you will never forget, book a vacation rental in the mountains complete with a fireplace or hot tub for those special moments.

The Finger Lakes region of New York also offers year-round activities and the perfect setting for a romantic getaway. This pristine lake region is home to museums, shopping areas, quaint villages and towns, and amazing natural beauty. The Finger Lakes region is also home to a thriving wine trail with award-winning wineries dotting the landscape. A wine tour, horseback riding, walks along the lakes and museum trips are just some of the fun activities to look forward to. Book a rental home in the lush hills of this region to explore the area by day, and enjoy a nice glass of wine while curled up on the couch at night.

Closer to New York City, the Catskills also make an incredible location for a romantic getaway in New York. The beauty of this region draws in tourists year-round who hope that the charm and allure of the mountains rubs off on them during a visit. Often described as a wilderness refuge with modern amenities, the Catskills provide the setting for an intimate and romantic vacation. When visiting, guests will feel like they have stepped back in time, with small villages, breathtaking views and a folk culture setting the tone for long days of relaxation and discovery. The Catskills are home to ski resorts for winter months and wine trails and hiking spots for the warmer months.

For another serene spot in upstate New York perfect for a romantic trip, head to the Hudson Valley. The Hudson River Valley encompasses the Catskills, and stretches along the river from New York City up to Vermont. This area is filled with charming towns and amazing mountain views. Plan a romantic trip to a historic part of the Hudson Valley to experience outdoor adventures, tours of historic estates, wine trails, shopping in small towns and more. With the Hudson River as a backdrop, it’s hard to image how a couple wouldn’t feel a sense of romance and beauty on a trip to this area. Book a beautifulFinger Lakes vacation rental or Adirondacks cabin rental to cozy up during your next romantic getaway.

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