Saratoga, NY

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Saratoga, commonly referred to as Saratoga Springs, is one of the most popular vacation destinations in central New York. Plenty of fun activities and attractions draw crowds to this town year-round. Saratoga Springs is known foremost for its racecourse and casino, but that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of exciting things to do in this town.

Stakes races at the Saratoga Race Track take place in July, August and September, so if you’re planning a visit during the late summer or fall, add a race to your events calendar. In addition to racing days, the racecourse is home to a number of other special events throughout the summer and fall. The casino is also a busy place, no matter what the weather is like. Known as the RACINO, the state-of-the-art casino combines gaming and horse racing for an exhilarating experience. The Saratoga Casino also has a nightclub and a few quality restaurants.

If horse racing and betting are not your favorite ways to spend a day, Saratoga Springs has plenty of other attractions including museums, golf courses, orchards, a Six Flags amusement and water park and more. Saratoga Springs also has a few smaller art galleries, bowling alleys, mini golf and historic sites to explore. The area is chock full of fun family activities. Or, for an adult’s only trip, take a tour of the area’s wine country at Saratoga Springs Winery and other wineries in the surrounding area.

When the temperatures drop, Saratoga Springs makes a great winter wonderland getaway destination. Book a Saratoga Springs vacation rental as your home base, and set out on exciting day trips to nearby ski resorts for downhill skiing and snowboarding fun. Plenty of holiday festivals and events take place throughout central New York during the month of December and into the New Year as well. You can also explore the area’s scenic landscape during winter via the Saratoga & North Creek Railway for a romantic and intimate winter activity.

The town of Saratoga Springs also has unique eateries and plenty of shops to satisfy any fashionista. Visitors will find antique stores, bookshops, specialty food shops, fashion boutiques and more right in downtown Saratoga Springs. At night, bars, dance clubs and wine bars are the hot spots for adults wanting to let loose on the town.

All around Saratoga Springs natural beauty abounds, making this town a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and those that appreciate nature. Sweeping valley views and outdoor recreation areas are plentiful, perfect for hiking, biking, horseback riding, or just relaxing in one of the town’s three parks. Make the most of your vacation to Saratoga Springs by booking a Saratoga vacation rental in one of the town’s neighborhoods. Vacation Rentals give you the privacy and space that you want while you are on vacation with all of the amenities that you’re used to at home. Vacation Rentals in places like Saratoga Springs also give you a more authentic experience of a city with unique properties like cabins and downtown apartments.

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