Luxury New York Spa Vacation

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If you’re yearning for a vacation that is as much about relaxation as it is about getting away from your everyday life, a luxury New York spa vacation might just be the trip you’re looking for. New York is home to a number of great luxury spas that will pamper you and leave you feeling like a million bucks when you return home. Spa services come in varied price ranges, so there is sure to be a spa service to fit every budget.

One of the best parts about luxury spa vacations in New York, aside from the amazing treatments, are the additional activities and attractions that travelers can experience during the vacation. Not only can you get a relaxing massage, manicure and pedicure, but you can also explore small towns, historic estates, shopping areas and natural beauty.

Some of the most popular spa vacation destination areas are the Hudson Valley, Lake Placid, Catskills, Saratoga Springs, Finger Lakes and New York City. These areas are world-renowned for their luxury spas, and also the fun activities for spa-goers to experience between or after treatments. Imagine having a facial in the morning, and then strolling around the Main Street of a small town for boutique shopping in the afternoon.

In the Finger Lakes region, spas like the Spa Mirbeau offer top-notch treatments such as Thai massages, aromatherapy rituals, facials, couple’s treatments, body scrubs and more. After a day at the spa, visitors can head to one of the regions small towns for dinner, theater and live music. Vacationers to this area can also enjoy a day on the wine trail, or spending some time outdoors rejuvenating the body with a walk around the lakes or a gentle hike.

Visitors to the spas in Lake Placid will enjoy luxury treatments like facials, massages, body scrubs and detoxification, men’s spa treatments and more at spas such as the Mirror Lake Spa. This spa even has a treatment called the Mirror Lake Ceremony that is a complete body rejuvenation cleansing experience. Partake in these luxe treatments after a day skiing on one of the area’s fine slopes, or before heading out for a night on the town in Lake Placid.

In the Catskills and Hudson Valley, spas specialize in relaxing and calming treatments that nourish the skin and body. Similarly, the region’s outdoor activities are said to nourish the mind and soul, with picturesque landscapes and sweeping mountain views. Come back from a spa vacation in New York completely refreshed from luxurious spa treatments, and the calming serene natural beauty of this pristine region. A spa vacation here really does give you the full package.

For a more posh spa experience, head to New York City and be pampered with treatments and elegance at one of the city’s top spas. Expect more crowds in the city than other spa locations, but factor in the convenience of having all of the attractions and activities of The Big Apple right outside after your treatments are complete. Whether you are indulging in a New York City spa vacation or an upstate spa retreat, get the best accommodations possible with private and affordable vacation rental properties like New York City vacation apartment rentals or Finger Lakes condo rentals.

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