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Dealing With House Issues While Renting

Just like with any home, rental properties have the potential for something to break, leak, burn out or overflow. Unfortunately, sometimes these issues arise when you are renting a vacation property. Dealing with house issues while renting can be

13. Dealing With House Issues While Renting

a headache on a relaxing vacation, but the best thing to do is just to take a deep breath and deal with the issue immediately so that you can continue to enjoy your vacation.

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Winter Wonderland Family Vacation

Visiting New York when the temperatures start to drop is a great way to enjoy the scenic parts of the state, and take part in some wintertime family fun! New York State has a number of great spots to hit the slopes, or just enjoy a cup of hot chocolate by the fire. Planning a winter wonderland family vacation in New York is easy with a couple tips for how to make the most of your time in the Empire State.

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Upstate New York Romantic Getaways

The tranquility and beauty of upstate New York makes it an ideal location for a romantic getaway. Practically any time of year will provide the perfect setting for a couple’s trip, with each of New York’s seasons providing a picturesque landscape and plenty of activities. The most popular vacation spots in upstate New York are the Finger Lakes region, the Adirondacks and the Catskills.

10. Upstate New York Romantic Getaways

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New York City Like a Local

9. New York City as a local small

New York City is a top destination for travelers worldwide who want to experience the busy city life and all of the attractions that this popular location has to offer. While it’s a given that travelers to the city will visit at least some of the main tourist attractions, to get a true New York City experience, visitors should try to do New York City like a local. Heading to some less-popular spots in the city will give a more authentic taste of The Big Apple.

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Saratoga, NY

Saratoga, commonly referred to as Saratoga Springs, is one of the most popular vacation destinations in central New York. Plenty of fun activities and attractions draw crowds to this town year-round. Saratoga Springs is known foremost for its racecourse and casino, but that is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of exciting things to do in this town.

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The Hamptons, NY

The Hamptons are synonymous with a posh lifestyle enjoyed on the beach during warm months on Long Island, but this destination isn’t just for the rich and famous. The Hamptons refers to the group of hamlets and villages in Southampton and East Hampton. Today, the Hamptons are best known as a seaside resort and home to expensive and luxurious homes.

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