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Wilmington Vacation Rentals (2)

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Vacation Rentals in Wilmington, New York


Are you looking for the perfect vacation rental cottage, cabin, or house to use as a home base?  If youíre into skiing, fishing, hiking, or boating, take a moment to consider the Wilmington area of New York.  Itís within an easy distance to several major attractions, not the least of which is Whiteface Mountain.


What to Do and See:  Whiteface Mountain tops the list for skiers; not only is it the so-called Olympic Mountain, where athletes come to train, itís also got the greatest vertical drop east of the Rocky Mountains.  Newbies shouldnít be put off, however; there are plenty of beginner trails along with intermediate and expert ones.


Nature has been good to this corner of the world.  Waterfalls are abundant and from Ausable Chasm to High Falls Gorge you can see them here in all their glory, winter and summer.  You can also fish or raft down the Ausable River.

Where:  Wilmington is only 13 miles from Lake Placid.  Itís approximately 40 miles from Plattsburgh and Plattsburgh International Airport.  Other than that, you can reach Burlington, Vermont (via Plattsburgh, since youíll be crossing Lake Champlain) within 70 miles.  Albany is double that distance (141 miles) to the south, and New York is much, much further away (about 300 miles).