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Upstate New York Vacation Rentals (4)

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Upstate New York Vacation Rentals

A vacation rental in Upstate New York covers a lot of territory.  Technically speaking, this can cover anything north of Westchester County - in short, pretty much anything north of New York City.  But thatís not the real story; Upstate isnít so much a destination as an attitude, a marked difference from the frantic pace of New York.  After all, when youíre much closer to Montreal, Ottawa, and Vermont than you are to Manhattan, thereís bound to be a real difference.


Our selection of Upstate New York vacation rental destinations includes some of the stateís top natural attractions.  The major cities of Upstate are Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse - each of which has an international airport in case you plan on air travel.  And the attractions?  They are places with high name-recognition factors, such as Finger Lakes, Niagara Falls, and Thousand Islands.



Finding the Right Vacation Rental Home in Upstate New York

Start your search for a vacation rental home in Upstate New York here.  Just how far up state are we talking?  Hereís a list of the approximate distances from each of our destinations to New York City, using the quickest route via Pennsylvania:


Lake Ontario to New York City: 200 miles

Finger Lakes: 225 miles

Niagara Falls: 408 miles

Lake Erie: 375 miles

Alexandria Bay, Thousand Islands: 345 miles

Chautauqua: 418 miles


Truly, a vacation rental in Upstate is really getting away from it all!