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Saugerties Vacation Rentals (2)

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Saugerties:  Whatís in the Name


Saugerties.  Itís one of those place names that you canít help speculating about the etymology of the word.  In this case, Saugerties is a very corrupted form of Dutch and it translates into ĎSawmill on the Little Kill (or Creek)í.  Itís a visible and audible reminder of the fact that this area was New Amsterdam before it ever was New York.


Saugerties is located on the Hudson River and in the foothills of the Catskills.  Itís 45 miles south of Albany and about 110 miles north of Manhattan.  One of the main attractions of Saugerties is the history; the South Village has eight blocks that are on the National Register of Historic Places, and there are no fewer than 80 mid- to late-Victorian buildings to see.  Saugerties is also home to the oldest lighthouse on the Hudson River.

Part of Saugertiesí heritage has always been industry.  It was formerly one of the leading paper producers.  While industry still remains, your average vacation rental seeker wonít be too attuned to it; instead, theyíll use Saugerties as a base to explore both he Hudson River and the Catskills.  A vacation rental in Saugerties is more than just a building; itís a way to connect with the past.  Itís also a great way to simply enjoy life!