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Saratoga Springs Area Vacation Rentals (3)

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New York Vacation Rentals in the Saratoga Springs Area

Saratoga Springs - that illustrious New York sanctuary for everything from Thoroughbred racing to soaking in mineral springs - is a great place to visit.  It’s an even better place to book a vacation rental.


First of all, let’s talk about the springs that give Saratoga Springs its name and some of its fame.  These naturally carbonated founts of water emerge from the earth charged with minerals and a at cool 55 degrees.  (Don’t worry if you don’t like a cold bath; they can be heated to body temperature prior to your soak.)  The area was initially revered by Native Americans as a healing place; a few hundred years later, settlers were using these same waters to treat anything from skin disease to heart trouble.


There are too many attractions to Saratoga Springs to list here, so we’ll focus on just one more: the racetrack.  Opening day is June 20th, and racing runs six days a week until the track closes for the season on Labor Day.  Racing fans will recognize Saratoga Race Track as the home of the Travers Stakes.


Finding a Great Saratoga Springs Area Vacation Rental Home

Getting to your vacation rental in Saratoga Springs is pretty easy; it’s only about 35 miles north of Albany and its international Airport.  You can even take the train up and avoid driving altogether.  With 6 different locations in and around New York’s “Queen of Spas”, you’re sure to find a house, villa, or condo to become your ideal home base.