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Saranac Lake Vacation Rentals (5)

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Vacation Homes in the Saranac Lake Area


There are several destinations that go under the title of Saranac Lake.  In fact, they total three lakes and a village.  Lower Saranac Lake is located a but south of Upper and Middle Saranac Lakes; the village of Saranac Lake is located near the shores of Lower  Saranac Lake.


Where to Stay:  If youíre a lover of the lakeside, this is the region for your vacation rental home, apartment, or villa.  Lake Colby and Lake Flower are within a short distance of the village of Saranac Lake; Lake Placid is to the east.  If you canít find you preferred vacation rental on this page, check out the page for Upper Saranac Lake.  Tupper Lake is also nearby.


About the Saranac Lakes:  The Saranac Lakes are entirely within the Adirondack Park. They gained fame as the location of a tuberculosis sanitarium; Saranac Laboratory, which was built to house experiments in curing the disease, is now a museum and the headquarters of the historical society.  Famous visitors to Saranac Lake (not necessarily tubercular) include the composer Bela Bartok and the writer Robert Louis Stevenson.  But donít let the origin of Saranac Lakesí fame disturb you.  While the last patients went home decades ago, the influence of wealthy visitors on the local art and culture continues to be felt.  Saranac Lakes is a unique destination.