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Sag Harbor Vacation Rentals (1)

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Sag Harbor:  One Village, Two Towns


In the state of New York, itís not uncommon to have towns and cities with villages that technically are part of the town and yet retain their own identity.  But in this case, the village of Sag Harbor is an oddity:  it is located partially in Easthampton and partially in Southampton.


As you might guess from the name, water is an important part of Sag Harbor history.  Itís bounded by Sag Harbor Cove, and Sag Harbor Bay / Noyack Bay, little enclaves themselves within the larger Atlantic Ocean.  Itís this strategic position that led to its importance as a port and a subsequently busy role in the naval history of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.


Nowadays, of course, things are quieter and foreign navies have ceased seizing ships departing from Sag Harbor.  You are much more likely to encounter surfers than soldiers, and pleasure-seeking deep-water fishing crews than ocean-going whalers.


At 103 miles from New York City and 51 from Long Island MacArthur Airport (not to mention 300 years of history), itís easy to see why vacation rentals in Sag Harbor are popular.  A vacation rental for a summer by the shore is essential and classic warm-weather fun, and youíll find plenty of shore and surf in Sag Harbor.