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Phoenicia Vacation Rentals (3)

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Getting to Know: Phoenicia, NY


Wintertime brings cold weather and snow - especially in the northern US.  And while cold and snow invariably leads to complaints and mass migrations to warmer climes in some of the population, it has an opposite effect on another group:  mass jubilation.  Why?  In a word, winter sports.  If youíre looking for a vacation rental in the heart of a winter wonderland, consider Phoenicia.


What:  Phoenicia isnít necessarily a large place, but its proximity to both Belleayre Ski Center and Hunter Mountain makes it a popular one.  Itís also becoming a destination for weekenders and vacation rental hunters from New York City and elsewhere who want a little natural beauty with their relaxation.


Where:  To use a hackneyed but true phrase, Phoenicia is in the heart of the Catskills; Sundown Mountain is to the south, and the town is surrounded by Hunter Mountain, West Kill Mountain, and Indian Head.  Itís 65 miles south of Albany and 125 miles north of New York City.

Who and Why:  Phoenicia has been a vacation destination for decades.  It was a favorite spot for Babe Ruth, thanks to the trout fishing on Esopus Creek.  Today, in addition to fishing, skiing, and relaxing, you can shop at an eclectic collection of stores, eat at local restaurants, or just relax before returning to the hustle and bustle of daily life.