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Old Forge and the Fulton Chain Lakes


There are many towns in the Adirondack Park; what makes the town of Old Forge different?  Itís located near the first of eight lakes that make up the Fulton Chain Lakes, also called the Fulton Chain of Lakes.


What are the Fulton Chain Lakes?


The Fulton Chain Lakes are pretty much what they sound like:  A chain of mostly interconnected lakes.  The start, not surprisingly, with the First Lake, winding through Second Lake to Eighth Lake.  The first five chain lakes are interconnected; if you choose, you could navigate through them without once leaving your boat.  The Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth lakes are a different story.  Thereís a portage between lakes five and six and then again between lakes seven and eight.


The Fulton Chain Lakes are a reservoir.  Together, they hold almost seven billion gallons of water.  They were formed in the late 1700s when a dam was constructed near Old Forge.  Today they are popular with visitors looking to canoe, boat, pontoon, fish, or just enjoy the scenery.

Getting There:  If youíre looking for a vacation rental in the Fulton Chain Lakes area, Old Forge is a good place to start.  A vacation rental here puts you in proximity to both the Adirondack Mountains and a veritable highway of lakes.  From Old Forge, itís two hours to Syracuse Hancock Airport; Plattsburgh and Albany (and their respective airports) are closer to three hours away.