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Northville Vacation Rentals (1)

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Great Sacandaga Lake Neighborhoods: Northville


Northville is, not surprisingly, located on the northwest fork of the Great Sacandaga Lake.  It also nestles near the borders of the Adirondacks Park, one of the greatest natural destinations of New York and the United States.


What makes Northville a good choice for a vacation rental?  Aside from the combination of large lake and large mountains, itís surprisingly easy to get to.  Albany International Airport is only 52 miles to the south, so you can fly in on your choice of several major airlines.  If youíre in the mood, you can opt instead for train service to Albany or to Saratoga Springs, 40 miles to the south of Northville.


Once you settle into your vacation rental home, there are enough activities in the surrounding mountains and around the lake to keep the most active, outdoorsy group occupied.  These include biking, canoeing, boating, fishing, golfing, hunting, and  horseback riding; in the winter, you can opt for ice fishing, skiing, and the like.


There are also a fair number of other attractions within a two hourís drive of Northville.  Lake George is 62 miles to the north; the Vermont state line and Green Mountain National Forest are roughly 75 and 80 miles away.  The heart of Lake Champlain is a bit further - 123 miles north - but still drivable for the determined motorist.