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New York City Vacation Rentals (34)

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Vacation Rentals in New York city

The Big Apple.  The Capital of the World.  The Melting Pot.  America’s cultural center.  Whatever you call it, New York City is a vibrant and eclectic mix of elegant culture, hip fashion, high finance, and countless great places to eat.  A vacation rental in NYC can be as heady as a trip to Times Square, or as personal as a small house on a residential street.


From the start of its recorded history, New York City had a lot going for it.  In the first place, it is home to a massive natural harbor - doubtless a bonus for the Dutch settlers that arrived in the early 1600s.  It is now the most populous city in the US, and diverse in every possible way.  Split into five boroughs, each borough is further defined by neighborhoods and communities.  Each neighborhood is further refined into various enclaves, making New York City feel both very big and surprisingly small.


You don’t need an introduction to the tourism of New York City.  From Broadway to the Bronx Zoo and from Lincoln Center to Coney Island, there is an iconic something for everyone.  And getting here, thanks to JFK Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Newark Liberty International Airport (just over the state line in New Jersey), is easy.  Since New York traffic is infamous, though, you may want to stick to public transportation - or a local driver, if you’re planning on using a car.


Finding the Right New York City Vacation Rental Home

To aid your search for the right vacation rental property in NYC, we’ve given each of the five boroughs their own page, plus additional pages for various Manhattan neighborhoods.