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Moriches Bay Vacation Rentals (1)

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Vacation Rentals on Moriches Bay, Long Island


Are you looking for a vacation rental home or apartment for your next Long Island stay?  The Moriches Bay area of Long Island includes the towns and villages surrounding the bay itself, such as Remsenburg, Eastport, East Moriches, Moriches, and Center Moriches.


What:  Moriches Bay is part of a system of bays and lagoons carved out of the coast of Long Islandís South Shore.  The outer barrier islands are the only barrier between Moriches Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.  Nearby islands include Fire Island and Long Beach.


Where:  From East Moriches, Islip and Long Island Airport are about 20 miles to the west.  Hamptons Bays is 15 miles east, and Montauk is about 30 miles further down.  Manhattan is approximately 70 miles west.

What to Do and See:  Being more or less in the center of Long Island, a stay at a vacation home in the Moriches Bay area makes a great home base for exploring the whole island.  Whether you choose the South Fork and see the Hamptons and Montauk or the vineyards and greenery of the North Fork; whether your travels are centered on the beaches and surfing of the South Shore or they extend to the history-rich North Shore, youíre sure to enjoy Long Islandís blend of culture, history, sport, and fun.