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Montauk:  New York’s Out East


Along the coast of New York State, there extends a slender island, jutting out into the Atlantic, seemingly a fragile strip against the cold ocean.  It’s Long Island, a descriptive if unimaginative name.  And perched precariously on the easternmost edge of Long Island is Montauk.


Montauk is part of the larger town of Easthampton, and it boasts a number of reasons to visit, loll about in a vacation rental house, or charter a boat.


People have apparently thought Montauk desirable for ages before recorded history; the area was settled by the Montaukett tribe long before the arrival of Europeans.  Nowadays, the Hamptons attract vacation home owners and vacation rental seekers alike by their dramatic beaches and water sports, activities that range from fishing to surfing.  If staying on shore is more your style, there are no fewer than six state parks in Montauk, plus a ranch, a lighthouse, several museums, and a golf course.

Montauk, although it seems to be on the edge of the world, is not all that far away from New York or the airports.  MacArthur Long Island Airport is 66 miles to the west, and New York’s LaGuardia and JFK Airports are 39 and 45 miles further on.  All in all, for a summer of sun and shore, Montauk is a classic choice.