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Midtown Manhattan Vacation Rentals (15)

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Make Mine Manhattan: Midtown Manhattan Vacation Rentals

Whats in Midtown Manhattan to lure a world-weary vacation rental home seeker?  How about Rockefeller Center, Broadway, and Times Square?


If youre the kind of person happier with solitude and a fishing pole than with thousands of neighbors and a multitude of pleasurable distractions, then Midtown Manhattan is not for you.  (Try the Adirondacks or the Catskills, also featured on this site.)  But if you want to see that iconic New York skyline, then rent an apartment or a house in Midtown.


Manhattan Neighborhood Search: Midtown

Midtown is more like a region than a neighborhood.  While it runs between 34th Street and 59th Street, this is a major commercial center that is also home to areas as diverse as Hells Kitchen, Murray Hill, and the Theater District.  If you have a specific Midtown Manhattan neighborhood in mind, be sure to check and see if there is a page dedicated to vacation rentals in that area as well.


Midtown Manhattan Attractions

The words commercial and shopping go together like credit card and spending limit.  Its no surprise that some serious shopping can be done Midtown.  Other attractions that are quite reachable from your vacation rental include MoMa (Museum of Modern Art), Madison Square Garden, and Grand Central Station.