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Mariaville Vacation Rentals (2)

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Saratoga Springs Vacation Rentals

Mariaville, NY


Near the I-88 and I-90 Junction in upstate New York, thereís a great spot for a vacation rental.  Itís called Mariaville Lake, and on the shores of this lake are two small communities - the hamlet of Mariaville Lake sits on the southern shores of this lake while Mariaville, smaller still, occupies the area to the north.


Mariaville is located a bit off the beaten path in terms of New York State attractions.  It doesnít have the high name-recognition factor of places like Lake Placid to the north or Manhattan to the south.  For many vacation rental seekers, however, that peaceful, out-of-the-way location adds to the charm of a cottage or cabin.


What Mariaville does have is location.  Itís about 35 miles southwest of Saratoga Springs and 13 miles northwest of Schenectady.    Less than 25 miles separate you from New Yorkís capitol city Albany and from Albany International Airport, the hub of air travel for the Adirondacks and points south. 


Mariaville has its own lake, but Broadalbin, a town at the foot of Great Sacandaga Lake, is only 20 miles to the north.  And Cooperstown, that mecca of everything from fly balls to fine art, is within an hour drive.  A vacation rental home here puts you within reach of much of the finest of upstate New York.