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Malta Vacation Rentals (1)

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Getting to Know Saratoga Springs: Malta


Visiting Saratoga Springs is a well-established vacation ritual, whether the visitor was a wealthy captain of industry, a frail 19th century maiden looking for a cure from the mineral springs, or a 20th-century horse racing enthusiast.  Everyone can find something to do in the Saratoga area; hereís a summary of whatís on offer:


Thoroughbred and Standardbred Racing

Arts and Culture, from Ballet to Opera




Historical Sites, including the Battle of Saratoga

Outdoor Fun, from Hiking to Golf

Activities for Kids and their Parents


Where is Malta?

A vacation rental in the town of Malta is only 8 miles from Saratoga Springs.  From Malta, the town of Corinth is 22 miles to the north and the city of Albany is 25 miles south.  The lakes and mountains of the Adirondack region are approximately an hour to the west.  So from your vacation rental in the Saratoga Area, you can do everything but surf the Atlantic waves.


What Can I Do in the Greater Saratoga Springs Area?

Well, you can start by choosing an activity or three from the list above.  History isnít in short supply; Saratoga was an important point in the Revolutionary War.  There are also museums for collections of art, dance, and horse racing.  Surely any town as eclectic as this will provide you with a memorable vacation!