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New York Vacation Rentals on Long Island

Long Island used to be a rural getaway from the crowds and noise of New York City, the perfect spot for a vacation rental beach cottage.  Nowadays, it is still a getaway - only, for the most part, itís a lot less rural.  But there are still open spaces, rolling vineyards, sandy beaches, and swishing waves to welcome vacationers.


At less than 125 miles long and only about 23 miles wide at its broadest point, you can certainly ďdoĒ all of Long Islandís attractions in one trip.  But why rush it?  Long Island is made up of a series of communities, some overlapping but each one distinct.  While the New York City boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn take up the western end of the island, they are not considered part of the panorama.  Two counties - Nassau and Suffolk - constitute Long Island, and within them you can find the historic Gold Coast, Fire Island, Shelter Island, the Hamptons, the North Fork, the South Fork, North Shore and South Shore.


Finding the Right Long Island Vacation Rental Home

Thereís a bit of everything on this diverse island, from surfing to vineyards and from golf to deep sea fishing.  Youíre within range of three airports: LaGuardia and JFK in Queens, plus Long Islandís own MacArthur airport in Islip.  Just keep an eye out for the heavy traffic that goes with a popular vacation spot.


If your perfect vacation rental is convenient to a little bit of the best of everything, check out the 18 destinations weíve rounded up on Long Island!