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Lake Ontario:  New Yorkís Great Lake


Lake Ontario is one of the Great Lakes - vast inland bodies of water shared between Canada and the United States.  Michigan residents may also recognize Lake Ontario as the only one of the Great Lakes that doesnít touch either the Upper or Lower Peninsula of the state.


Lake Ontario is huge - itís the fourteenth-largest lake in the world - but compared to Lakes Michigan, Huron, and Superior, itís actually rather small.  Of the Great Lakes, only Erie is smaller in volume.  Lake Ontarioís source is the Niagara River, the same one that feeds Niagara Falls, and it empties into the St. Lawrence River, and from there the Atlantic Ocean.


If youíre looking for a vacation rental in the Lake Ontario area, your first decision is to choose either the Canadian or the American side.  Rochester, New York, is the largest American city.  (Itís also part of the Finger Lakes region, but thatís another topic altogether.)  Other spots ready for a vacation rental include Fair Haven, Henderson Harbor, Kendall, Pulaski, Sackets Harbor, and Sodus.

What can you do on Lake Ontario?  Aside from practicing your beachcombing skills on miles and miles and miles of shoreline, you can fish, boat, or hike; itís also a noted destination for sailing and sport fishing.  Because of its unique microclimate, the Lake Ontario area is also a noted fruit- and wine- growing region.