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Hudson Valley Vacation Rentals (10)

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New York Vacation Rentals in the Hudson Valley

Want a vacation rental that showcases the mellow beauty of New York’s Hudson River?  You’re not alone!  Many people are drawn to this region’s picturesque blend of riverside, rolling hills, and timeworn mountains.  In fact, the famous Hudson River School was founded by artists who were struck by the pastoral beauty of the landscape.


The Hudson Valley embraces either side of the mighty Hudson River as it flows south from Albany down to Westchester.  It can be divided into three sub-regions, namely the Upper, Mid, and Lower Hudson Valley.  Main cities include Kingston, Newburgh, and Poughkeepsie, but travelers also enjoy smaller, artsy towns like New Paltz and Rhinebeck.


If you’re planning on flying into the region, you can choose from Stewart International Airport in Newburgh or Albany International Airport.  Both are served by most major airlines.


Finding the Right Hudson Valley Vacation Rental Home

The Hudson Valley has culture, beauty, and history.  It was settled by the Dutch in the early part of the 1600s and was the site of a major battle in the American Revolution. Top it all off by the proximity of great skiing and you’d have to ask, Is it any wonder that vacation rentals are popular here?


This site offers vacation rentals at more than 20 destinations, from hamlets to bustling towns, from Accord to Westchester.  Give it a try - you may find yourself coming back for more!