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Hamptons Vacation Rentals (7)

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New York Vacation Rentals in the Hamptons

Summer in the Hamptons is iconic, whether the visitor is a wealthy New Yorker escaping the heat of the city at their summer home or an out-of-towner booking one of the many vacation rentals that the area offers.  The Hamptons are one of several communities that make up Long Island.  As part of the metropolitan New York area, theyíre a popular place, but as diverse as ever.


The Hamptons are a collection of 13 towns, villages, and hamlets that occupy part of the South Fork of Long Island.  The biggest are Southampton and East Hampton.  Montauk is the easternmost point on Long Island, jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean.


Getting to the Hamptons isnít difficult, but thanks to the heavy traffic, it takes patience.  Often, vacationers opt to use the regular public transportation routes to get to their destination of choice.  If youíre flying in, you can choose from LaGuardia and JFK airports in nearby Queens.  Or you can make your plans to use MacArthur Airport in Long Islandís own town of Islip.


Finding the Right Hamptons Vacation Rental Home

We have 15 destinations for vacation rental homes in the Hamptons, from Amagansett to Westhampton Beach.  Pick your cottage, beach house, or apartment, and prepare to have a wonderful time whenever you visit, from sunny summer to frosty winter!