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Hampton Bays Vacation Rentals (9)

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If itís Hampton Bays, Itís Gotta Be Seafood - Or Does It?


Even people who live on the other side of the continent from New York have their idea of the Hamptons.  Depending on the person, it may be a chic getaway next door to the high rises of Manhattan or a quaint (if expensive) seaside town.  Of course, neither of these ideas are quite accurate; Manhattan is miles away, for a start.


Thereís another aspect to the Hamptons that can be overlooked by any traveler, and thatís the food scene.  Review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp have pages dedicated to restaurants in Southampton and its surrounding hamlets, and many of them adhere to good old New England fare.


In Hampton Bays, itís easy to see why the local food might tend toward seafood.  After all, there are three bays surrounding the town, and it shares a border with the Atlantic Ocean.  Are there restaurants featuring the fruits of the sea?  You bet, ranging from take-out to top-drawer.  But thereís also pizza places, bagel bakeries, local cafes, and steakhouses.  Especially important is breakfast, and there are several restaurants within Hampton Bays that specialize in nothing but the dayís first meal.


With the Hamptons bearing the reputation as vacation rental central, finding lodging is usually no problem for visitors, provided you make your plans early enough.  Some friends choose to club together on a vacation rental home; itís also a good choice for families.  If you canít find a spot in Hampton Bays, consider neighboring East Quogue or the larger town of Southampton.