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Greenville Vacation Rentals (3)

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Getting to Know Greenville, NY


Tucked between the Catskills and the Hudson River - you might say, almost equidistantly - Greenville is one of those smallish New York villages that, on first glance, doesnít have a lot to draw the tourist or the vacation home seeker.  Quirky festival?  No.  Thriving art scene?  Nope. Noted chef, or at least noted artisan cheese maker or some other foodie magnet?  Greenville does have a selection of restaurants, including American, Chinese, Italian, Steakhouse, Pizza, and Deli offerings.  In fact, one of the most popular ones labels itself a brasserie - in the American, rather than the French sense, meaning that youíll find moderately inventive seafood and steak dishes on the menu.  But a true gourmet destination?   Not so far.

What does Greenville have?  Location.  Thatís important, particularly if the group thatís choosing the vacation rental has different ideas on where they want to spend a vacation; as long as nobody votes for Florida or the coast, you can be accommodated.  The Hudson River and the historic towns of Athens and Coxsackie are within a very easy drive of about 15 miles or so.  This being the Catskills, great skiing is also available.  In this case, itís Windham Mountain, about 30 miles to the west.  Several state parks are accessible to the south of Greenville for strolling, hiking, and more relaxed pursuits.