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Fort Ann Vacation Rentals (1)

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Fort Ann:  History in the Adirondacks


For a region known for and dominated by their mountains, the Adirondacks have a fair amount of water.  In fact, in some ways the lakes of the Adirondacks run the mountains a close second.


In the town of Fort Ann, this is obvious:  one part of the town is in the Adirondack Park, and another looks out over the waters of Lake George.  It was a tactical spot during the days of French and English territories, and various forts were built near, on, or around this site before Fort Ann was founded in the late 1700s.  It became a town towards the second quarter of the 19th century, and its military significance has dwindled.  So what is Fort Ann known for now?  Water.  And lots of it.


If youíre looking to rent a vacation home in the Adirondacks - try Fort Ann.  Want to find a vacation rental home on the water?  See Fort Ann.  Want both?  You guessed it - Fort Ann.  If Lake George isnít big enough for you, Lake Champlain is an hour and a half, give or take, to the north.  And if youíre in the mood to go state hopping, the Vermont line is approximately 15 miles to the east. 

Fort Ann is part of a larger community, including Glens Falls and Queensbury, so youíre sure to find activities and vacation rental homes that suit your tastes, your time and your budget.