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Finger Lakes Area Vacation Rentals (8)

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Thumbs Up for Finger Lakes


Youíve probably heard about New Yorkís finger lakes region.  Indeed, if youíre researching vacation rentals or New York getaways, it would be hard to overlook this northern corner of the state, where the long, thin-looking lakes, spreading out from Lake Ontario, dominate the landscape and the local tourism industry.


The Finger Lakes region takes in roughly 9,000 square miles south of Lake Ontario, with Rochester and Syracuse being the main cities in the area.  The lakes bear names like Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Keuka, and Seneca - reminders of the earliest Native American inhabitants of this area.  It also includes part of the Erie Canal.  Ok, so thatís not a lake, but it is an important body of water, particularly for shipping.


So if youíre deciding on a vacation rental in the Finger Lakes region, what else can you do?  For one thing, the wine (and wineries and vineyards) in the Finger Lakes is almost as well-known to American audiences as the Lakes themselves.  There are literally dozens of wineries to chose from.

If you like your vacation slightly less oenophilic, there are plenty of family-friendly things to do.  These include hiking, golfing, boating, skiing, visiting theatres or museums, or  hitting an adventure park or a water park.