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Ellicottville Vacation Rentals (2)

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Chautauqua and Allegheny-Area Vacation Rentals:



If youíre looking for a vacation rental in the upper western corner of New York State, close the Allegheny State Forest and within driving distance to Lake Erie, consider a rental in Ellicottville.  This town is home to everything from a Winter Blues Festival to a sculpture garden, and within reach of some of New Yorkís major attractions.


Where:  A cottage or cabin in the Ellicottville area will put you approximately one hour from the Chautauqua Institute (art, classical music, education, recreation and more), Lake Erieís shoreline, Niagara Falls, and the Buffalo Niagara Airport.  Two hours by car will take you to the Finger Lakes region of New York.  Ellicottville is also just north of the New York border of the Allegheny Forest.  The Allegheny Forest extends well into Pennsylvania.


What to Do:  Thereís golf, swimming, hiking, and mountain biking if you like your vacation time spent outside and active.  Ellicottville is also home to Holiday Valley, a ski center featuring 58 slopes on 4 faces and a vertical rise of 750 feet.  It also has 4 terrain parks and several glades.

So whether youíre partial to skiing or swimming, Lake Erie or the Finger Lakes, hearing the roar of Niagara Falls or enjoying the quiet of the Allegheny Wilderness, a vacation rental in Ellicottville has something for you!