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East Durham Vacation Rentals (1)

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Skiers Rejoice:  East Durham is Calling


If the Adirondack Mountains to the north and east are rugged and individual, with rustic pleasures aplenty, then the Catskills, in the central section of New York, have a familiar, almost tame beauty.  Here you can see cattle contentedly grazing to a backdrop of softened dome, not jagged peak.


However, donít go getting the idea that you have to head nearly to Canada to experience natural beauty or really good skiing.  Au contraire - in the Catskills, thereís plenty of both.


Take the East Durham area.  Itís not a major metropolis, although you can find a vacation rental or two in the neighborhood.  Greenville is 8 miles north; Ravena, on the banks of the Hudson River, is 25 miles to the east; so is Coxsackie, less a mile or three.  But the real attraction to the area is the mountains themselves.  Specifically, we mean Catskill Park, 11 miles away.  If youíre into winter sports, you might be inclined to swish down the local mountains.  Black Dome and Wyndham High Peak are included in that category.

What if you prefer other activities?  Well, the Catskills have been hosting visitors for a long time.  Thereís a genius for comfort and adaptation.  Those very hills that people avidly ski in the summer provide hiking, hunting, and other sports in warmer weather.  Winter or summer, itís a great place for a stay at a vacation rental!