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Central - Leatherstocking Vacation Rentals (2)

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New York Vacation Rentals in the Central-Leatherstocking Area

A vacation rental in the Central-Leatherstocking area of New York puts you near some of Upstate New York’s best attractions.  Within the region you can visit Howe’s Caverns, Oneida Lake, and Cooperstown.  Neighboring regions include the Adirondacks, the Hudson River Valley, and the Catskills.


While the designation of Central New York is self-explanatory - the region being more or less in the center of the state’s inverted triangle - many tourists wonder about the Leatherstocking addition.  For the answer, you’ll have to hark back to the novels of James Fenimore Cooper.  He memorialized the early leather-clad settlers, popularizing the term Leatherstocking.


If you want to fly in to the Central region, try the Greater Binghamton Airport or Syracuse Hancock International Airport.  The main cities of the region include Binghamton, Rome, Utica, and Cooperstown, which plays home to the Glimmerglass Festival and the Baseball Hall of Fame.


Finding the Right Central New York Vacation Rental Home

With five choices of destinations in the Leatherstocking area, you’ll have no shortage of vacation rental homes to choose from.  In fact, the hardest part may be the decision - will it be a cabin in Cooperstown, a villa on the shores of Lake Oneida, or an apartment in Binghamton?  The choice is yours!