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Catskills Vacation Rentals (7)

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New York Vacation Rentals in the Catskills

A vacation rental in the Catskills surrounds you with cozy mountain views, a long history of hospitality, and a still-thriving art and culture unique to this region.


Roughly speaking, the Catskills region of New York extends from the Pennsylvania line to the Hudson River.  The nearest airports are Stewart International Airport in Newburgh (convenient for the southern destinations) and, to the north, Albany International Airport.  New York City is about two and a half hours south, and the Adirondacks are about two hours north, making the Catskills midway between two of New York State’s most famous destinations.


Winter sports, especially snowboarding and skiing, are popular Catskills attractions.  You can find vacation rentals near Belleayre Mountain, Hunter Mountain, and Wyndham Mountain.    All in all, over 95 mountains in this chain reach heights greater than 3,000 feet.


Finding the Right Catskills Vacation Rental Home

On this site, you’ll find a wide choice of Catskills vacation rentals.  From the 50-plus pages that follow, you can choose between cabins and cottages, houses and lodges.  So if you’re packing up your skis for a long weekend on the slopes or your fishing pole for a summer on the lake, the Catskills have something to offer you!