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Caroga Lake Vacation Rentals (1)

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Quick Facts About: Caroga Lake, New York


This might be considered an ambiguous topic, so right away let it be stated:  Caroga Lake can apply to:  1 - a hamlet in upstate New York, in the lake-filled region of the Adirondack Mountains; 2 - East Caroga Lake; 3 - West Caroga Lake; or 4) all of the above.  For our purposes, letís go with option 4.


First, letís take the lakes.  Thereís no shortage or bodies of water in the Adirondacks, and especially in the Caroga Lakes area.  Aside from East and West as mentioned above, thereís also Canada Lake to the north, Peck Lake to the south, and, to the northeast, Lake Champlain - famous for its role as the source of the Hudson River as well as a sort of local Loch Ness Monster.


And as with all of the lakes and towns in the Adirondacks, thereís plenty in the way of natural beauty to attract the wandering tourist.  If you get tired of fishing, thereís hiking.  Tired of both?  Thereís golf.  And thereís skiing and other snow- and ice-bound sports in the winter, or just chilling at your hotel or vacation rental home.


There are not a lot of major cities in this area.  New York City is 208 miles to the south and Montreal is 217 miles to the north.  Local villages include Caroga Lake itself and Wheelerville.  However, there is a long-standing and well-developed tradition of tourism in the area, so finding a vacation rental either here or in the nearby Canada Lake neighborhood should be an accomplishable goal.