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Canandaigua Lake Vacation Rentals (3)

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A Snapshot of the Finger Lakes:  Canandaigua Lake


Like fingers spreading out from a palm, New Yorkís Finger Lakes have captured the imagination and lured travelers and tourists alike for many years.  But rather than take this group as a whole, why not check out the individual lakes before booking your vacation rental?  First up:  Canandaigua Lake.


Where:  Canandaigua Lake is in the western section of the Finger Lakes.  Itís about an hour south of Lake Ontario and the town of Irondequoit.  Several other Finger Lakes are nearby.  To the west are the lakes of Conesus, Hemlock, and Honeoye; to the east lie the lakes of Keuka, Seneca, and Cayuga. 


The town of Canandaigua, on the northern tip of the lake, is the principal settlement for Lake Canandaigua.  Other local villages include Rushville, Naples, and Bloomfield.


Lake Canandaigua is approximately 40 miles south of Rochester.  The nearest airport is Syracuse Hancock International Airport.  Itís about 75 miles to the west.  Buffalo and Niagara Falls are about two hours away by car.


Lake Size and Other Information:  Lake Canandaigua is 15 miles long, and most of its 36 miles of shoreline is dotted by houses.  Itís approximately a mile and a half wide, and its lowest point is 276 feet deep.  Whether you plan on fishing, boating, or enjoy the view, a vacation rental on Lake Canandaigua is a great place to start your trip!