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Brooklyn Vacation Rentals (6)

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The Five Boroughs of New York City: Brooklyn


Quick - name a landmark that everyone associates with New York City, thatís been a huge part of its skyline for over a century.  Still guessing?  Then perhaps you should schedule a trip to Brooklyn to see the Brooklyn Bridge.


Of course, thereís a lot more to this New York borough than its bridge.  Brooklyn is placed south of Queens and Manhattan, with Staten Island to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the south.  From a vacation rental here, you can visit the whole of New York City. 


If you need a time out from the pulsing, restless energy that New York seems to exude, you donít have to retreat to your vacation rental - you can take a break  by visiting Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum, or Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  And donít forget to pamper your sweet tooth and stop by Jacques Torres Chocolate for some stellar cocoa creations.

Thereís one more thing that Brooklyn offers that  is just as iconic as its Bridge:  Coney Island.  First imagined as a playground for the reach, it became everybodyís favorite place to play (and eat hot dogs).  If youíd rather see a lot of Brooklyn without braving the traffic or getting lost, consider signing up with a tour company:  there are operators who focus on anything from pizza to Prospect Park.