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Bridgehampton Vacation Rentals (2)

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Three Reasons to Visit: Bridgehampton, New York


Are you planning a vacation for next summer or fall?  Before you get up to your eyeballs in exotic hotel recommendations, shiny resort brochures, and cruise advertisements, may we suggest you consider a vacation rental in Bridgehampton?


You might say that Bridgehampton, in the exclusive Hamptons area of Long Island, has attracted people for centuries, and you’d be right; Southampton was founded in 1640, and Bridgehampton - named after the bridge that spanned Sagg Pond - was inaugurated in 1686.  Tourists, of course, came quite a bit later.  Here’s three reasons why Bridgehampton remains popular with vacationers from New York and all points east, south, west, and north:


There’s a beach.  Enough said.

It’s a town that takes its history, culture, and relaxation seriously.  There’s the Polo Club, the Chamber Music Festival, and the Historical Society.  Of course, there’s also a golf course, built on a former race track.  And when you need a little downtime, there’s a spa.

It’s varied:  Where else can you find both a winery and a corn maze?


Another bonus for Bridgehampton - in fact, for most of the communities in this area - is the availability of lodging.  Looking for a hotel or a bed and breakfast?  You can take your pick.  If you have a group or a large family, consider renting a vacation rental home, especially if you’d like a bit more space or privacy than a hotel usually offers.  Either way, you’ll get a taste of the culture, history, and fun that have made the Hamptons a favorite vacation spot for many.