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Love Skiing?  Try Belleayre Mountain


If you’re in to skiing and you live somewhere in the New England area, chances are that you’ve heard of Belleayre Mountain.  In fact, readers of SKIING magazine will recognize this mountain as the one nominated as the ‘Best Place to Learn to Ski in the East’.  Indeed, if you’re just dipping your foot into skiing, this mountain (and the large winter park attached to it) might be the first item in your vacation plans - except finding a vacation rental or another place to stay.  Why?  There are over 100 teachers ready to instruct nascent skiers and snowboarders in this wintertime sport.


What started in 1949 as a five-trail, state-run skiing lodge has now expanded into its present system:  55 trails, parks, and glades, including terrain parks and mogul trails.  There are multiple ski lifts, chairs, and lodges to cater to guests.  The longest run tops 12,000 feet.  And the entire operation is still run by New York State.  Skiing starts at the end of November (check the website for the exact date; it varies by the season) and continues until early April.


Belleayre Mountain is located west of the Hudson River.  There are several towns within easy driving distance, including Highmount, Pine Hill, Shandaken, and Margaretville.  New York City itself is about three hours by car.  If you’re looking for lodging, be it hotel or vacation rental, you have plenty of options in New York’s capital of snowy fun.