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Athens - Sleepy Hollow Lake Vacation Rentals (1)

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Historical Athens and Sleepy Hollow Lake


When a town is named Athens and it sits about two miles south of a body of water called Sleepy Hollow Lake, travelers might wonder where on earth they will be going.  Rest assured that your travels will take you - not into the realms of Greek tragedy or classic American horror story - to a petite and historical town on the banks of the Hudson River.


Having gotten its official start as a town in the early 1800s, Athens became something of a shipbuilding center.  Thanks to its position near the treacherous Middle Ground Flats in the Hudson River, it also hosts the northernmost lighthouse on that mighty waterway.  Built in 1873 and 1874, the lighthouse was automated in 1949, but itís still important as a tourist destination and an architectural highlight.  In fact, Athens has preserved much of the architecture of its high times in the later 1800s; its streets boast a veritable smorgasbord of popular American styles.


Leaving Athens, weíll head north just a bit to Sleepy Hollow Lake.  This narrow lake is two and a half miles long, and offers water sports of all kinds, from fishing to waterskiing.  If a day in the mountains is also on your agenda, New Yorkísí famous Catskill Park is a winding 57-mile drive to the west.  Housing options in the Athens and Sleepy Hollow Lake area include vacation rentals, always a popular choice for families and groups.  Interested in a vacation rental but donít see anything to suit you in Athens?  Try nearby Coxsackie.