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Ancram Vacation Rentals (2)

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A Quick Look at Ancram, New York


The town of Ancram, New York was founded in 1803, but things have been happening here long before then.  For example, in 1743, an ironworks was founded that later manufactured cannonballs for the Continental army; the paper mill that began in 1854 is still operational and is currently one of the countyís major employers.


As fascinating as an ironworks and a paper mill may be, very few people will (or should) plan an entire vacation around them.  So what else does little Ancram have going for it?


As part of the Hudson River Valley, the first answer is obvious - the Hudson River.  As the river wends its way to New York City, Upper New York Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, it passes through scenery that seems to be straight out of a postcard.  So impressive was the Hudson that a popular school of American painters took their name from it.  Itís an easy 20 mile drive to the northwest.  Poughkeepsie and Albany are also within an hourís drive. 


You might also say that Ancram is convenient to both the Connecticut and Massachusetts borders.  This makes it an ideal central base for a New England vacation rental experience.  If youíre looking for a vacation rental in the area, donít forget to include nearby communities, and plan for a varied and memorable stay!