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Linklaen Vacation Rentals (1)

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Getting to Know Lincklaen


Little Lincklaen, the town that is so small my map program isn’t quite sure what to make of it, is located in Chenango County, in north-central New York.  Map enthusiasts aside, you’ll probably be more familiar with the Finger Lakes region that lies just a bit north of this tiny town.


If you’re looking for the lights of New York City, you’re definitely in the wrong place.  Those are 215 miles or so to the south.  The nearest big city lights are in Syracuse, some 38 miles to the north.  Lake Ontario is about 40 miles further north, and a few miles further than that lies Canada.


So who should consider a vacation rental in a little place like Lincklaen?  If your ideal vacation rental house choice revolves around walking distances to five-star restaurants, high-end fashion boutiques, and your choice of spas, consider heading those 215 miles south to NYC.  If you are looking for a quiet place, preferably surrounded by natural beauty and relaxation, Lincklaen is a good place to start your search; there’s more than 15 state forests and parks within a ten mile radius.  There’s also the rolling backdrop of hills that later will deepen into mountains, and lakes that offer just as much beauty as their famous siblings to the north.